We (we being Jackieblu and Amy) started making a few T-shirt designs back in 2003 with the Lion Aggro Logo.

Also in 2003, we opened up a skinhead shop in Whittier California called London Calling. We sold brands such as Fred Perry, Lonsdale, Warrior, TUK, Gripfast and others. We also specialized in selling Reggae, Rocksteady, Ska, Northern Soul, Punk, and Oi music. We had a great time BBQ'ing at the shop every couple months, sometimes with bands as they came to town. Sadly the store closed it's doors in December of 2006. Since then we have both moved away from California and have continued with the Aggro Streetwear brand of clothing.

We occassionally travel to Scooter Rallys and Soul Weekenders to set up and sell our gear which includes our own Aggro Streetwear line as well as Warrior Clothing and other various items.

We are a clothing line made by Skinheads for Skinheads and others who are involved in the scene. We try to offer great gear at the lowest prices possible to support the scene we love.

Thank you for visiting our site and Keep the faith!